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SCTC Fireside Chat
Topic: Conversational AI – Where It's At, Where’s It Going…

May 18, 2022 | 12 PM ET


Conversational AI is opening up new ways to automate workflows, drive personal productivity and make teamwork smarter. While this improves outcomes based on existing modes of collaboration, AI is also heading in futuristic directions that will dramatically transform the way that we work. Aside from the current enterprise use cases for speech tech, this emerging world will be speech-driven, but also multisensory and immersive. This session will provide both an update on the state of today’s enterprise speech tech, along with a glimpse into where things are heading. You’ll come away with a complete picture of what you can do with speech tech today, and what to prepare for in the medium-term.

This week we welcome Jon Arnold, Principal of J Arnold & Associates and SCTC Vice President, who recently presented at Enterprise Connect on this exact topic. You’ll walk away with:

  • How is conversational AI helping knowledge workers gain more productivity already, and what advances are coming that will drive further improvements?
  • How much does the average knowledge worker use speech technology in their typical day today, and how much is this poised to increase (and where)?
  • How will transformations in AI-driven speech technology affect frontline workers as well as knowledge workers?
  • What immersive experiences are already being productized, and when should we expect to see significant adoption in the enterprise? 

If your consulting practice or vendor product touches on Customer Experience and specifically conversational AI, then this is a have to attend event! All are invited!



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