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Monthly Fireside Chat – Auditing/Expense Management
Wednesday, February 06, 2019, 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EST
Category: SCTC Events

Monthly Fireside Chat – Auditing/Expense Management

February 6, 2019, is on PRODUCT

The objective of these Fireside chats is help our members in 2 fundamental areas:

  • Improve our practices.  What can we learn from each other?  What tips/techniques/tools can we share? 
  • Improve Marketing.  How can we better market our services?  Tailoring our efforts based on industry (i.e. Medical, Government, High Tech, etc.).

Each month we would discuss a specific topic area.  Examples of Topic areas include:

  • PRICE – What do most members charge (% and years).  What % of business is Fixed price, Hourly, Contingency. 
  • PRODUCT - a couple of members would share their auditing deliverables and how it has worked for them. 
  • PLACE –How do we obtain clients?  Do we use agents and if so, what type of agents.  
  • PROMOTION – How do you promote your business?  Should we band together and develop a Standard Speech that we can give to a target audience?
  • TARGET MARKET – What type of clients do you go after and why?  What type do you avoid and why? 
  • COMPETITION – How do you compete against a TEM firm?  Other types of “Auditors”?  How do you Differentiate yourself (from other Consultant/Auditor)?
  • SERVICE – Types of difficult clients?  How to address common issues?  Ongoing TEM Support.