SCTC Vendor Advisory Council (VAC)


While the SCTC is a consultant organization, there are other membership categories.  Vendor Advisor Council (VAC) membership is for organizations who wish to interact with SCTC consultants.   A VAC member has exclusive opportunities to engage, educate and nurture business relationships with this influential group of consultants, resulting in increased awareness and business opportunities.

SCTC Vendor Advisory Council (VAC) Membership Benefits

  • Build working relationships with independent communications technology consultants.
  • Increase awareness for your organization.
  • Identify mutual business opportunities.
  • Engage and educate consultants and analysts at exclusive SCTC events and webinars.  
  • Access and inclusion in the SCTC consultant and vendor membership directory.
  • Increase engagement in consultant projects.
  • Obtain consultant feedback on your company’s products and services.

SCTC VAC Membership Makes Good Business Sense 

SCTC consultants work with clients that spend hundreds of millions of communications technology dollars annually! Active SCTC VAC membership is the most cost-effective way to gain mind share of influential industry consultants and analysts.


Did you know?

The SCTC Education Committee presents regular, free webinars to consultant members. These webinars are presented by industry leaders, Vendor Advisory Council (VAC) members, and fellow SCTC consultant you know?

These webinars are EXCLUSIVE to SCTC members. Please take advantage of them!