Six Great Reasons to Join the Society of Communications Technology Consultants

Want to Join?  Contact SCTC's Relationship Manager, Barb Grothe

  1. Networking and Collaborating with Fellow Consultants
    With members throughout North America and Europe, the SCTC offers you the opportunity to meet fellow professionals who share your business practices and objectives. Through the SCTC, you will find a wealth of opportunities to initiate and foster new business relationships resulting in more consulting opportunities, thoughts on how to build your practice, and ideas for serving your clients. Members have access to our consultant Listserv, an invaluable source of information and support from other SCTC consultants; many members believe this benefit alone justifies their members

  2. Access to Vendor Advisory Council
    Consultants have access to members of the Vendor Advisory Committee for education and assistance with client engagements.

  3. Educational Conferences
    SCTC members have the opportunity to participate in annual educational conferences at discounted rates. The Fall SCTC conference provides members with the latest technical and practice management information, enabling them to better serve their clients and compete in the marketplace. SCTC conferences draw from industry leaders for up-to-the-minute technology trends, as well as business leaders for the most current business advice.

  4. Educational Webinars
    The SCTC, intent on increasing our members’ knowledge and competitiveness, offers a variety of educational webinars. Designed specifically for the educational needs and desires of our members, these sessions include topics on practice management, making use of new technology, and case studies from successful consulting engagements.

  5. Regulatory Attorney Support
    The SCTC’s regulatory attorneys, Martha Buyer and Chris Tacit, are available for routine inquiries, free of charge to SCTC Members. Buyer and Tacit specialize in regulatory law, and regularly updates the membership through timely e-mail notices, webinars, and at our annual conferences. This keeps members up-to-date on regulatory items that affect clients, and ensures competitiveness in the marketplace. 

  6. Practice Management & Marketing Support
    The SCTC provides its members with a multitude of services designed to manage and grow their consulting practices. The society provides mentoring for new consultants and access to experienced consultants for project assistance. Members also have access to the consultants group pages on our website and our listserv, both invaluable sources of information and support from other consultant members. 


    Interested in Joining?  Contact SCTC's Relationship Manager, Barbara Grothe
    Email: [email protected]                             
    Phone: 866-584-2822